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Everyone needs a hero, sometimes a couple.

Calls to action, or CTAs

Who are you going to call?

Featured Callouts

Featured image, title, text and icon bullets.

Card Blocks

List of cards and title / text


Not your grandpa's accordion!

Content Blocks

title ❤️ text rendezvous

Responsive Image

You can't build a website without one, you know?

Layouts & Containers

After seeing this, you won't be able to contain yourself.


Universal carousels allowing you to use any child component for slides.

Header and Top (Mega) Navigation

Collection of headers with different kinds of navigation styles, even mega-nav!


Want to confuse a Zoomer? Talk to them about the breadcrumbs and rotary phones.

Spacers & Dividers

We all need a little bit of space sometimes.

Page Meta Data & Open Graph

For all your CEO needs, oh, sorry SEO needs. All compositions have open graph meta-data, featuring fully dynamic og:image generation!

Rich Texts

Enhance your content with the versatile Rich Text component, allowing you to create visually appealing and formatted text with ease.

Video Player

Universal, performance-optimized video player for your YouTube, Vimeo content. Doesn't work with Apple Vision Pro.

Product Detail Page

Usual suspect components found on PDPs - image gallery, add to cart, price...

Cookie Banners

Ron LaFlamme will tell you need one.


Count those stars in your reviews.


Modal is a cutting-edge modal component designed to enhance user experiences on websites and applications.

Quotes / Testimonials

Proof points and famous quotes that help boost your company valuation instantly.

Product Info

Show the basic product information

Image Gallery

The Image Gallery component is designed to display the images in a gallery view


Tabs are a convenient way to present a list of links in a tabbed format.


Table can be used to show a list of data in a table format.


Countdown gives you a transition effect of changing numbers.

Coming soon...

This is just a glimpse of what's around the corner.

Coming Soon


1, 2, n lists with paging and stuff.